The smartest way to globally connect IoT devices


The eSAT Global Difference

eSAT Global provides direct-to-satellite, ultra-low power, two-way, and low-latency narrowband connectivity solutions for IoT devices anywhere on earth. The eSAT solution requires no terrestrial infrastructure or back-haul, while providing global coverage with latency as low as below two seconds and guaranteed transmission.

eSAT's breakthrough innovation exploits a previously unrecognized technical possibility that leverages existing and highly reliable Geosynchronous MSS satellite platforms. We have "cracked the code" for a unique combination of low cost, extremely low latency, and global coverage that is not matched by any other existing or proposed IoT connectivity solution including the many proposed Low Earth Orbit satellite or CubeSat systems.

eSAT is developing solutions for vertical markets including power distribution, border and perimeter security, oil and gas, smart agriculture, transportation, and maritime.